Four women in the United States are murdered each day by a male intimate partner.    
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    CUT IT OUT is a program of the Salons Against Domestic Abuse Fund dedicated to mobilizing salon professionals and others to fight the epidemic of domestic abuse in communities across the United States.

    CUT IT OUT builds awareness of domestic abuse through awareness materials to be displayed in salons, the Adopt-a-Shelter initiative to involve salons in helping local domestic violence agencies, and educating salon professionals to recognize warning signs and safely refer clients to resources.

    The educational component of the program consist of a one-hour seminar that is targeted to cosmetology schools, salons, continuing education classes, and similar venues. The seminar provides salon professionals with basic information about domestic violence and specific information about how to respond to a client who might be a victim of abuse.

    CUT IT OUT was initially created for the State of Alabama by The Women's Fund of Greater Birmingham. Taken to the national level by the Salons Against Domestic Abuse Fund, a partnership between Clairol Professional, the National Cosmetology Association, and Southern Living At HOME.


    The relationship between a client and a salon professional is usually based on trust built up over time. Because of the intimate and nurturing nature of the relationship, a salon professional - who often sees a client on a regular basis - can often spot signs of physical abuse that others may never see. A change in a client's behavior can also be easily recognized by a salon professional.

    Research shows that most battered women never call the police or go to a shelter. However, they do usually talk about the abuse with someone they trust. Because salon professionals are skilled and experienced listeners who are personally interested in their clients, many women suffering from abuse feel comfortable confiding in them - even if the abused women would never tell anyone else. In addition, because a salon is usually an all-female environment, it may be one of the few places that a battered woman is allowed to go without her abuser.

    Statistics indicate that one out of every three women is abused at some time in her life. Since salon professionals each see around 200 clients every 4 to 6 weeks, they potentially are in contact with a lot of abused women. They have a unique opportunity to reach victims that domestic violence professionals may never see. With proper training to recognize abuse and to steer victims to help, salon professionals can become invaluable and influential community partners in the fight against domestic abuse.


    In August 2006, CUT IT OUT distributed over 2,000 comprehensive educational seminar kits designed to train DV community service providers to conduct CUT IT OUT seminars within their local communities. The kits were targeted to outreach coordinators and were sent to all members of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, all state coalitions, and all Attorneys General.

    If you are a service provider who received a CUT IT OUT seminar kit, please click here to enroll as a Facilitator.

    If you are a service provider who did not receive a seminar kit, but would like to order free posters and safety cards to distribute to salons in your area, please click here. If you are interested in learning more about the seminar kits and qualifications for becoming a CUT IT OUT Facilitator, simply check "other" on the "Contact Us" page and in the "General Comments" field give a brief description of your agency, your credentials and your personal outreach experience. We will respond to your email as soon as possible.


    If you are a service provider who received a CUT IT OUT seminar kit and you have enrolled as a Facilitator, please click here to order Participant's Guides, posters, and safety cards for your class. Please be sure to check each item that you need and indicate the quantity for each in the "General Comments" field of the order page.


    In order for CUT IT OUT to grow and continuing spreading awareness in the media of the epidemic of violence, it is vital that we collect information on all of your seminars. To report your activities, please click here for a Seminar Report form.


    Samples of the documents can be downloaded for you to customize for seminar purposes. Click here to view the CIO toolkit materials.

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