In 2001, more than 500,000 U.S. women were victims of nonfatal violence by an intimate partner.    
    The CUT IT OUT program has provided a wonderful, creative way to address one of the most persistent obstacles to helping victims of domestic violence - finding them and giving them a safe way to seek help. It uses the access and relationships salon professionals often have with women of all walks of life to connect victims to those who have the training and resources to help them. We have appreciated the opportunity to bring this innovative program to Maryland."

    - Maryland Attorney General, J. Joseph Curran, Jr.

    "Lengthy and often personal conversations occur during the process of hair styling and manicures and pedicures. This program teaches cosmetologists what to listen for and how to discreetly offer help to customers who are victimized by abusive relationships at home. One vital way to help victims of domestic violence is to have members of the community know how to handle these delicate and sometimes life-threatening situations. The CUT IT OUT program provides another vital tool in our community's response to the problem of domestic violence."

    - New Mexico Attorney General, Patricia Madrid

    The CUT IT OUT program provides us with a critical link to domestic violence victims through salon professionals. One of our biggest challenges in combating domestic violence is connecting with victims. Partnering with the cosmetology community helps to bridge that gap, and allows law enforcement to get program information to victims who are often afraid to seek out help or do not know where to turn.

    - Arizona Attorney General, Terry Goddard

    CUT IT OUT is a thorough and user friendly training program. It is the perfect vehicle for providing stylists and salon professionals with an understanding of the scope and dynamics of domestic violence. It is particularly useful in suggesting ways they can effectively refer clients in abusive relationships to safety and confidentially access local domestic violence services.

    - Tracey Parks
    Coordinator of Community Education
    Domestic Violence Services of Greater New Haven, CT

    The Commonwealth of Kentucky launched the CUT IT OUT program in August of 2005 with a Train-the-Trainers session. Since that time, our twelve trainers have taken it to the Kentucky Community and Technical College System across the state to train students in the cosmetology and esthetician fields. Not only does the CUT IT OUT Curriculum teach the participant to recognize, respond and refer their clients to services, but every class that has been presented has resulted in a disclosure by a participant. Hopefully this has resulted in that victim seeking help. While the high incidence of abuse is evident in each class taught, it is encouraging to see positive results occur for women who may now know where to turn for help.

    - Sharon Hilborn
    Division of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Services
    Cabinet for Health and Family Services
    Frankfort, KY

    The national CUT IT OUT program - Salons Against Domestic Abuse, in collaboration with our Attorney General's Office, helped us to facilitate relationships with the RI Cosmetology Association. These relationships proved invaluable when we launched the program during October 2005, and helped us reach a population of bystanders and victims that we otherwise may not have reached. In addition, stylists and salon owners have become allies as volunteers and donors, helping us end domestic violence in our state."

    - Lucy Rios
    Prevention & Training Coordinator
    Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    CUT IT OUT is an innovative program for outreach to cosmetologists who provide services to thousands of domestic violence victims each year. We have used the materials and curriculum developed by CUT IT OUT in literally hundreds of workshops and presentations and have found them most effective in educating and motivating salon professionals in the effort to assist battered women and their children.

    - Carol Gundlach
    Executive Director
    Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    The CUT IT OUT program provides domestic violence advocates with a wonderful opportunity to reach victims of domestic violence who might never call the police or a shelter hotline. We know professionals in the beauty industry often develop long-term relationships with their clients, and they may become trusted confidents. CUT IT OUT enables advocates to train cosmetologists and stylists regarding the legal rights and services available to victims of domestic violence and in turn this information can be shared with clients who disclose that they are experiencing abuse at the hands of their partner. This exciting project can help us reach more victims throughout Delaware.

    - Noel Duckworth
    Training & Prevention Coordinator
    Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    As the Executive Director of the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, I am very pleased to offer my wholehearted endorsement of the CUT IT OUT program to any and all potential state participants! The Attorney General of South Carolina joined SCCADVASA in launching this tremendous program here in South Carolina over two years ago and, since the initiation of this effort, numerous salon owners and operators have received critically important information on domestic violence. We have talked with many of the individuals that have attended the CUT IT OUT training program, and their responses have been extremely positive!

    Salon operators are in a unique position with women who seek their services. Often they are not only their beauticians but also trusted confidants. The CUT IT OUT program provides information that may, indeed, save the lives of women who are experiencing domestic violence. What better outcome could there be to this excellent program? I strongly encourage any state that has the opportunity to participate in CUT IT OUT to do so without hesitation!

    - Vicki Bourus
    Executive Director
    South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

    The Chicago Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence has adopted the CUT IT OUT Program as an integral part its mission to Coordinate a Comprehensive Community Response to Domestic Violence in Chicago. CUT IT OUT enables salon professionals to engage as business partners and stakeholders in a community response against domestic abuse, thereby expanding the capacity of that community to provide a safety web for families affected by domestic abuse.

    - Leslie Landis J.D.
    - Director
    - Chicago Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence

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